July 2017 Farm Round Up

Large Black Boar in the sun

Well, just as June was perhaps one of the hottest months we have seen here on the farm, July has possibly been the dampest … despite some really warm days, we have been getting muddier by the day!
But, not all was bad – we started the month with our first wedding on the farm – Steph and Rich became Mr and Mrs Coward amid gorgeous sunshine, surrounded by their friends and family … couldn’t be happier for them!
We said farewell at the end of the month to Carlos, the visiting Large Black boar who had been here for a few months sharing a paddock with our two sows, Fatty and Titch. Hopefully, he did his job and we should be hearing the patter of tiny trotters in a few months time. Fingers crossed! A visiting photographer to the farm captured a fabulous picture of him – check him out here!
Happy to report that we are finalists in the Crumbs Food Awards – there is some tough competition in our group so being a finalist is good in itself … got to wait a while to find out if we are winners … results on October 1st 🙁 Patience was never my strong suit!
The weather has been having a real impact on the farm – a mixture of rain and sun is the perfect recipe for growth and everything is shooting up – weeds included. We’ve got our work cut out trying to keep up with clearing fence lines and in a couple of fields, the thistles have really taken off. They look beautiful and the bees love them but they are taking over! Robert is on a mission to flail those fields before the seeds set and make next year’s problem even worst. But it is a challenge and you really need dry days to get the tractor out … I know … farmers are never happy with the weather 🙂
The guinea fowl continue to supply us with some wonderful eggs – early in the season, we sell most of them for hatching, but as the summer continues, the demand drops so we actually get to eat some of them ourselves. Oh, and we have hatched some out ourselves too – we currently have some at around 10 weeks who are allowed out during the day only, as well as some 10 day old cuties – they are very entertaining to watch – an easy way to lose a lot of time!