October 2017 Farm Round Up

The days are growing noticeably shorter – I know it happens every year but somehow, it is still a surprise. The short-lived delight when the clocks change meaning lighter mornings – for a few weeks at least! And some spectacular evening sunsets as I dash round feeding before it gets dark.
We’ve moved a few pigs around this month – some have gone into new fields for the winter, to allow their other paddocks to rest up. These Mangalitzas were having a ‘field-day’ (sorry!) in their new home – lots to munch on and the green stuff is still growing well thanks to the warm autumnal days.
Another move was for a very different reason – Fatty (yes, really), our Large Black sow was coming up to her due date so we moved her into the maternity paddock so she could settle down and make her nest. She kept us guessing for a few days but finally delivered 7 lovely healthy wriggling piglets overnight. The first few days are always a worry – they are so small and she is SO big and, frankly, a little clumsy, but they all managed to dodge successfully thank goodness! They have found their voices and are very rowdy at feeding time! Four girls and three boys – nicely balanced!
Storm Brian blew through and thankfully did very little damage – apart from turning over a few chairs on the terrace and scattering a few buckets across the yard, we got away unscathed. Let’s hope the rest of the winter passes as calmly!
October ended with a seriously chilly snap – full hard frost, ice on water tanks – winter is here indeed!! But frost is usually accompanied by sun and blue skies so no complaints from me – any day that is not rainy is welcome!!
Oh, and last but not least, we’ve happily recruited now for our part-time/weekend helper so thanks if you passed the word around.